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Or if you want to divulge your real identity… It would be completely confidential… Obviously.

your only choice will be to run

The funny thing is I didn’t grow up with comic books. I grew up with Communism. I was born in Romania and lived there till I was 8 and then I lived in Vienna for a while. Although I was very young, I do remember that we weren’t allowed to leave the country. So after the revolution, people wanted to escape and find a new way of life. It’s that element of being trapped into something—of a lack of freedom. I always thought for me with Bucky, because of how he grew up in the military and his dad dying in an accident on a military base. His last image of Bucky is, “You’re my descendant.” I think there is this enormous amount of weight on him to be something when he’s never had a chance to go, “What do I really want?” I wanted to bring that—I hope that was being translated.
-Sebastian Stan (via homovikings)


Believe in yourself as much as Sam Wilson believes in Steve Rogers.


Poor guy’s just devoted.


On next episode of NBC’s Hannibal…


Whenever I find myself procrastinating my studies, I think to myself What would Jemma Simmons do…


let’s play “how many times can my OTP look at each other like that without kissing until I throw a chair at my TV”